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Danny Jones, ladies and gentlemen.

Jonathan Smith



in which elsa is a drug dealer


Dan&Blair | AU Meme | UES!Dan and Brooklyn!Blair

"You and I? We will never work out. At the end of the day you will still be that guy with a penthouse on 5th avenue, with a personal assistant and a trust fund waiting for him.The guy who already got a spot at every college that matters, even before graduation. You’re the one who attends galas and charity events, while i am the charity case.. i will always be that girl from Brooklyn, with yogurt in her hair and a scholarship.  I will never be like those girls you spend your time with. i will never be a blonde goddess with long, tan legs and a wardrobe worth more than a private jet. I tried so hard to fit in your world, Dan. I tried. so. hard. I put on these dresses for you, those shoes and all the make up. But I just can’t make it work. I love you, Daniel Humphrey. I love you. But we both know thats not enough. I dont belong here. And i guess that means I don’t belong with you.”


Some things will never change…

me: shows friends something that i think is funny
me: *laughs hysterically*

514/515/516. For the people who requested for more Dair :)

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